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How to Choose the Right Fishing Reel

Choosing the right fishing reel ultimately comes down to the type of fishing rod the reel will be devoted to. By the time you’re ready to choose your fishing reel, you’ve likely already done your research on what rod you are going to buy to suit your target species or fishing spot. The price of a reel can vary greatly depending […]

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The Ultimate Reel Buying Guide

Buying a proper fishing reel can make a difference between successful and stressful fishing trip. That’s why it is good to learn everything you possibly can about buying one. In this article we’ll show you how to choose a fishing reel. Types Of Fishing Reels The basic types of fishing reels are baitcasting reels, spinning […]

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How To Buy A Fishing Reel

Getting ready for a trip to the water? Choose the correct fishing reel for your outing. Whether you’re after a big steelhead or a scrappy trout, learn about these different types of fishing reels and how they can work for you.   Find Your Perfect Freshwater Or Saltwater Reel Freshwater reels are for use around […]

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