Benjamin 26 Pioneer Airbow Arrows, 6 pack

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Benjamin 26″ Airbow Arrows, 6 pack 100% carbon fiber arrows 26 inch length Nano ceramic Victory ICE coating for increased speed, greater penetration, and easier retrieval Tight weight and straightness tolerances Unique spine alignment increases accuracy and grouping Helical vanes; 100% hand fletched Total weight: 375 grain Package includes 6 arrows and 6, 100 grain field tips
Exclusively designed for the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow
The Benjamin Pioneer Airbow is an entirely new category of hunting tool for serious hunters. The full-sized carbon fiber arrows feature field tips, and provide ideal tolerances and quick stabilization for the most accurate shot placement. Use the field tips for sighting in and target shooting.
If you wish to hunt with your Pioneer Airbow, you may replace the field tips with broadheads of your choice.
Is the Benjamin Pioneer Airbow legal to hunt with?
YOU are responsible for understanding and knowing the local hunting laws and regulations where you hunt or shoot. Be aware that laws vary between municipalities and it is YOUR responsibility to contact your local game warden or conservation officer for confirmation of local laws.

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