Umarex Bolt Action Airsaber Air Archery PCP Arrow Rifle Airgun – 2252659


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Umarex’s AirSaber is flinging arrows with no strings attached. The Umarex AirSaber uses high-pressure air to propel a 376 grain arrow at velocities up to 450 fps with a fully charged air tank. Arrows shot from a full tank reach energy levels over 169 lb/ft. This is more than enough for hunting big game and is, in fact, legal in 10 states for deer and most states allow for predator/feral species hunting with devices of this kind. The AirSaber uses a special carbon-fiber arrow that weighs 276 grain by itself. These arrows accept standard and mechanical broadheads and are easily changed out. Shooters can expect to get 25 shot at big game lethal energy on one fill or 30 shots of predator lethal energy. The tank pressurizes at 3625 psi and the AirSaber comes with a Foster fitting fill probe for easy fills with an HPA compressor, hand-pump, or SCBA tank. The AirSaber is accurate out to 70 yd and has a top Picatinny rail for mounting an optic of your choice. Unlike other arrow shooting rifles the AirSaber has a sleek form and a price that’s hard to beat. Accurately launch arrows out to 70 yd with the power of air, no strings attached. The Umarex AirSaber airbow uses high-pressure air and a special arrow to achieve velocities up to 450 fps and 169 lb/ft of energy. Use only Umarex AirSaber Arrows with the AirSaber arrow gun. Use of other arrows can cause serious injury or even death. AirSaber arrows are engineered for strength sufficient to handle extremely high air pressure. Arrows for bows and crossbows are not strong enough to withstand the high air pressure and can explode when pressurized. This can cause serious injury to the shooter and bystanders.Features:450 fps with 376 grain arrow169 lb/ft of energyPre-charged pneumatic powered (high-pressure air)Up to 25 big game lethal shots per fillMax tank pressure of 3625 psiMultiple picatinny accessory railsComes with (3) field tipped arrows

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