Waterworks Lamson Liquid/Remix Fly Fishing Spare Spools 2 Black

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The Liquid/Remix Spool spools anglers the versatility to carry extra fly lines pre-rigged on a spool that are ready to fish at a moment’s notice. Fitting both the Liquid and Remix models of fly reels, these large arbor spools feature quality craftsmanship with precision die-cast construction that creates a lightweight, but extremely durable piece of equipment. Switching out spools is simple and fast and a wide range of sizes are available to be teamed up with different sized reels. Anglers can head to the river ready for fish sipping dry flies or those holding in deep, fast water. Whether fishing streamers down deep in a lake or pond, or throwing tiny dry flies in a high mountain stream, these spools can help make the adjustment quickly without spending a fortune. Features Include:Tough, lightweight die-cast constructionLarge arbor design picks up line quicklySpools are simple to switch outFit both Liquid and Remix fly reelsIdaho Built

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