Tactics not Passion

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From county finals through to the Sam Maguire, Tactics not Passion looks at a year where strategy defined Gaelic Football. The book for GAA enthusiasts this Christmas, Tactics not Passion looks at where managers went right and wrong on the road to glory. With breakdowns of all the big games, the stars, and the men in charge, Emmet Ryan gives GAA fans a new look at how the game is played. “Emmet Ryan takes us through a season of Sundays in a unique and compelling manner. In a time of evolution and revolution in GAA tactics, he has done what few writers have and evolved his own works on the game to acknowledge this. Free from hysteria and hype, his book offers a cold, hard, forensic look at what worked, what didn’t and why from a tactical viewpoint.” – Ewan McKenna, award nominated journalist and author.

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