Bushnell Trail Scout Viewer / Copier with 1.8″ LCD Screen

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The Bushnell Trail Scout Viewer is a convenient, portable device that is the perfect companion for any model of Trail Scout game camera. Simply remove the SD card from your Trail Scout and insert it into the “camera” card slot of the Viewer. The battery powered Viewer will read the files captured by the game camera, allowing you to easily check your photos in the field without taking along a computer. You can also delete unwanted photos to free space for new shots, format the entire card, and even copy all of your Trail Scout’s photos (or just the ones you want) to another card to take home with you. The Viewer/ Copier even has a USB port, so you can use it as a card reader with your PC at home. Card Slots 2x SD (secure digital) slots for Camera (source) & Storage (destination) cards

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