Thompson Center G2 Contender Pistol Barrel 12″ w Sights .357 Rem Bull – Blued

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G2 Contender Barrel Blued With simple barrel interchangeability, time-proven long range accuracy and adaptability between rimfire and centerfire, the versatility of the G2 Contender is unmatched by any other interchangeable platform in the world. The second-generation G2 Contender is even more user-friendly in the field than Thompson/Center’s original Contender. In addition to the 40 barrel choices to match the accuracy and caliber range of any hunt, the G2’s grip, frame and forend have been profiled and sculpted for a modern, streamlined appearance. Barrels for the G2 Contender can be changed in only minutes by removing the forend and tapping out the barrel/frame hinge pin. All Contender barrels will fit; blued and stainless barrels are interchangeable. Forends: rifle, shotgun and muzzleloader barrels use different forends.Contender and G2 Contender Compatibility: ONLY Contender frames with serial numbers greater than 195,000 are compatible with G2 Contender barrels. 209×50 G2 Contender Barrel will NOT fit on any original Contender frame.

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