Wire Brush Gun Cleaning Kit, 3Pcs Steel Wire Brush + 4pcs Nylon Pick Set

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Wire Brush Gun Cleaning Kit, 3Pcs Steel Wire Brush + 4pcs Nylon Pick Set Portable Metal Wire Cleaning Hook Brush Double Ended Nylon Accessories. Free Shipping.


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  • 3Pcs Steel Wire Brush – Steel Wire Brush helps to clean stubborn areas on your firearm, ordinary soft brush can clean the place where it is easy to wipe, and aggressive steel wire brush can clean the solder and rusty place.
  • 4Pcs Nylon Pick – These Nylon Pick are perfect for light cleaning and prevent scratching and great for automotive, garages, home, hobby, crafts etc.
  • Double head design – The big end has 3 rows of bristles, and the small end has 1 row of bristles to facilitate the cleaning of the innermost layer of the item.
  • Durable Material – Wire brush set is made of stainless steel and nylon, which is rust resistant and high quality, strong and durable, can clean rust and detail completely.
  • Wide Application – welding wire brushes are suitable for cleaning metal surface, accessories for auto, gas stoves, pipes, steel parts, machinery, the unfinished metal parts, paint stains, special corrosion , etc. Durable with a good cleaning effect.

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Weight0.1433 lbs
Dimensions1.9685 × 1.9685 × 1.1811 in
Brand Name

CS Force


Gun Cleaning


Steel wire(17cm); Pick (20.5cm)


3 Pcs Steel Wire Brush + 4 Pcs Nylon Pick


Steel wire + plastic

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