1-Pair Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Safety Gloves

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1-Pair Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Safety Gloves. Free Shipping.

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  • CUT RESISTANT: Made from 100% high-grade STAINLESS STEEL with hermetically sealed micro plasma welds that can endure the sharp edged blades . All-metal cuffs won’t break down or fall apart like fabric or plastic cuffs when exposed to water, chemicals and soil.
  • COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE: High-strength polyethylene fibers and stainless steel wire makes it durable and resist cuts from even the sharpest blades so you can perform tasks comfortably and safely.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Having awarded the highest, EN388 LevelL 5 Cut resistance qualities that increases productivity. 100% brand new and machine washable – keeping your gloves clean is easy.
  • PROPERTIES INCLUDE: Cut-resistant, wear-resistant, anti-acid, anti-microwave and anti-static.
  • Stainless Steel Wire Safety Gloves for your protection.
  • With superior anti-cutting performance. Wear resistance and resistance to tearing performance.
  • Anti-cutting performance, knife resistant, anti-wear, anti-tear, flexible, non-slip, breathable, also suitable for slaughter and processing, machinery manufacturing industry, construction industry, glass handling, sheet metal processing.
  • Reduce the harm of  sharp materials such as dagger, triangular scraper, glass, stone, etc.

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