7 Pcs Universal Gun Cleaning Kit, .38/.357/9mm

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7Pcs/Set Universal Cleaning Kit Brush Tools Set for Handgun Rifle Shotgun .38/.357/9mm. Free Shipping.

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  • Professional gun cleaning tools
  • High quality handgun cleaning kit
  • Cleans smaller surfaces without messy abrasive blasting.
  • Easy to Carry & Space Saving: Store all parts into the carry handle. Perfect for the range bag.
  • For removing rust and cleaning corroded surfaces. Cleans and removes slag.
  • Fits pistols cal. 38/357/9 mm

Type: Cleaning brush
Material: Plastic/Copper
Color: Black
Diameter: 9 mm
Weight: 68 g
Package Includes:
 1 x Handle/Plastic Tube
 1 x Rotating Rod
 1 x Extension Rod
 1 x Cloth Holder
 1 x Wool Brush
 1 x Bristle Brush
 1 x Brass Brush

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Weight 0.17 lbs
Dimensions 0.39 × 0.39 × 0.39 in